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As people are considered the most valuable asset of the company, we provide well-structured compensation and benefits along with a sound training and development system, so that our talents can be brought out to the best level, achieving HR goals and objectives company-wide.

  Constant review of internal payroll in comparison with market trend
  Open career path and promotion opportunities

  Staff canteen
  Labor insurance, health insurance, labor pension, group insurance
   (including casualty and medical insurance etc.)
  Year-end bonus, various incentives and grants for sales, research/ patent and certificate
  Both the company and employee welfare committee provide subsidies for occasions of celebration
   and sympathy
  Annual health examination
  Holiday bonus, birthday gift of cash and other giveaways
  Year-end party and activities
  Comprehensive training courses covering from orientation to computer skills, foreign languages etc.


Following Labor Pension Act effective from July 1, 2005, 6% of monthly salary should be contributed to employees individual account of labor pension on a monthly basis, applicable to all new recruits and current staff who choose to follow the new labor pension system. On top of that, current staff either following the previous or new labor pension system would still be entitled to contribution of retirement pension based on each individual’s years of service at the company.

To set up hygiene and safety protocols and standards for employees to follow:

Equipment safety operation
  To set up equipment and machine operation manuals with detailed description of safety operation, and to
   have a safety device and equipment readily available and under good management, for the sake of precaution
   and staff training
  Pre-determined schedule of lift maintenance with inspection record from external supplier
  To inform safety and environmental friendly principles to contractors with signing contracts

  Attentive to hygiene, ventilation and lighting of workplace, restroom and staff canteen
  Garbage and waste disposal should be done on a daily basis
  Water supply and drainage system should be regularly maintained and kept in good condition

Medical & healthcare
  New recruit should submit health examination report upon on board
  Annual health examination for employees

Fire safety
  To set up a well-organized fire safety system following the Fire Services Act, with regularly scheduled
   inspection and fire drills conducted

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